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Jeff & Jan     Antique Chair  RVs

 This is the official web site of Jeff and Jan Towne of Colorado Springs. 

We have three sons, David, Russell and Gregory.  

Dave is married to Jill and they have two children, Megan and Brian.

Russ is married to Debra and they have two children, Hope and Ella.

Greg is married to Jennifer and they have five children: Alexander, Abrianna, Dakota, Terrence and Patrick.

We have lived in Massachusetts, Colorado, Germany and California.    


I have an antique chair that I need help identifying. 

Click here to see it. 

 My Business Website:   www.JeffsComputerServiceCS.com

My Travel Blog:  www.Travelblog.org/Bloggers/JeffJanT


in January 2015, we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary with friends In Colorado Springs. 

In June 2015, we had our 50th anniversary celebration in Breckenridge CO, with our kids and grandkids.



Jeff and Jan, June 2015



June 2015, Megan, 17


June 2015

Megan, Dave, Jill, and Brian


June 2015, Brian, 15


June 2015, Hope 12

June 2015

Russ, Hope, Deb, Ella


June 2015, Ella 8

June 2015, Alexander, 20 


June 2015,

Greg, Terrence, Alexander, Patrick, Jennifer, Dakota, Abrianna

June 2015 Abrianna, 18     


June 2015 Patrick,  7

June 2015, Terrence , 10

June 2015, Dakota , 13

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